How Dr. Tammy Used Over 20 Years Of Her Medical Practice Experience and Turned It Into a Weight Loss Revolution!

There is a secret to weight loss...

Hi, Dr. Tammy here. I'm excited to share with you, the secret I discovered during my 20 plus years in my medical practice to help people just like you take control of their metabolism, stop the fat storing process, start the fat burning process and help restore their energy like crazy with CarbMelt® and BellyMelt®...

This Secret Will Allow You To:

  • Decrease Hunger
  • Support Healthy Blood Sugar
  • Improve Weight Loss
  • Decrease Belly Fat and Shed Pounds
  • Increase Fat Burning

Did You Know...

Where you gain weight AND where you STORE weight on your body has everything to do with what you need to do to lose weight in those areas?

If not, don't worry. I didn't know any of these "secrets" in the beginning either. I worked with patients over the years who struggled with the same issues I had...

Keeping the weight off...

Why Is "Sustainable" Weight Management So Hard For So Many?

I never wanted to be known as a “weight loss doctor” because in my heart I knew that weight loss was just a side effect of a healthy metabolism. Which I considered my job to help patients achieve.

I authentically wanted to make a difference and a sustainable difference. I was not about fads or a false sense of shedding weight through water pills or appetite suppressants.

As I worked with patients over the years, I made many discoveries that were hidden from doctors who were indoctrinated in medical school by pharmaceutical companies and corporate hospital and insurance companies.

It's almost as if these big corporations might find keeping people sicker, has the side effect of larger profits from obesity.

People who are healthy tend to stay away from the doctor's office.I am constantly trying to research and gain understanding of ways to get to the root cause of diseases and to work proactively to prevent disease.

I researched hormone issues and found that at the root of every issue that patients had, including weight loss were related to the hormones of metabolism.

It wasn’t an instant discovery or pill that a fairy godmother dropped in my lap but a constant and steady path to knowing what worked with patients and what didn’t.

I helped many patients not only feel better but reset their metabolism and lose weight.

Then I had a friend visit and she wanted to know if I could help her with weight loss...

meet the founder

She had had a baby a few years prior and just couldn't get the weight off.

She had been a model and fitness expert and for the first time was asking for help because she truly felt stuck.

She didn’t understand why decreasing calories and increasing exercise didn’t work like it used to before she had these life changes, which led to extreme frustration of not understanding the changes her body was experiencing.

I told her we needed to get lab work and plan on a course of committing to months of work to realign her metabolic hormones and she just looked at me in frustration.I could almost feel her anxiety. “Can’t you just make a weight loss pill that will help me lose weight.”

I laughed to myself and though if I had a magic pill that I suspected she was asking for, I would be on a private island rolling in dough.

But then I thought about what she was asking. I really saw and heard her in that moment and something just clicked. I knew she was just asking for help. Not a fix. Not a miracle.

Just some help.

She had the discipline clearly from her past. She just wanted something to help her get her metabolism firing again. And I realized that I did have the answers. I just needed to put them together.

I had seen the frustration of patients over the years, especially when they were more than willing to make changes, they were just frustrated because the changes never really made that much difference when their metabolic fire was out.

Over The Past 20 Years...

My patients call me the "hormone Queen" because hormones and their various functions are what I'm passionate about.

Figuring out why some people have rocket fuel metabolism that burn fat around the clock…

While others feel like they gain a pound just looking at a slice of pizza.And what I found…

after pouring though literally thousands of research articles and trial and error with thousands of patients...

I discovered what works and what doesn’t. I did the work so you don’t have too, and because I have actually done both academic and clinical research and am a published author in both, I understand what clinical significance means and created a supplement system that is not only effective but safe and sustainable.