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With over 20 Years of clinical experience, CarbMelt founder Dr. Tammy Tucker is passionate about formulating only the most effective and highest quality ingredients to rev up your metabolism and turbo-charge the weight loss process!

Life-Changing Results

What Makes CarbMelt So Effective?

Why Is CarbMelt So Effective?

Chemicals in the digestive system called enzymes break down carbohydrates into simple sugars.

Carb Blockers can aid in preventing the breakdown of carbohydrates.

This will allow you to eat more carbs without storing them as fat.


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You deserve to look and feel your best WITHOUT starving yourself, or spending hours every day in the gym! Give your body the PROVEN support it needs and get ready to unlock lasting changes in yourself.


Our Happy Customers

Emilea lost 56 Pounds!

"When the scale hit 175lbs I was beyond stoked. Before all of this, I had to buy size 16 pants. That was mortifying. Right now, I'm wearing size 8!"
                                         -Emilea H.

Raychel Lost 10 Pounds!

"I Love the energy it gave me! I needed the help. I work a full time job and my son is in 2 different sports, I have 2 very needy dogs, a husband and a lizard! CarbMelt helped me with the energy but also curbed my appetite so I didn't stress eat or make bad food choices. When I did eat I wasn't near as hungry as I normally am, so portion control was no longer an issue."
                                       -Raychel D.

Regina Lost 28 Pounds!

"I'm so happy I decided to make this investment in myself! I lost 28 pounds. I look and feel better than I ever have. It's like I'm a whole new me. My husband loves the change!"
                                          -Regina R