Welcome to designing your personal weight loss plan. My name is Dr. Tammy, creator of the CarbMelt system and I have used years of clinical practice, experience and research to create this course for YOU.

Why Me To Guide You On This Path?

I have been a family medicine doctor specializing in hormone issues and weight loss for over 25 years, and I have helped thousands of people lose weight in my clinical practice, in personalized weight loss programs, lectures, seminars, books, TV and radio shows, podcasts and even in research studies.

I have also struggled throughout my life with weight issues and feel like I understand your pain. 

I have created multiple programs, worked with thousands of patients and my goal was to make health and wellness easy to understand.

Once you understand how metabolic processes work ... you can finally take control of your metabolism and be empowered to feel as good as you want to feel, look as good as you want to look, and live as vibrantly as you want to live. 

Getting Started...

The hardest part is making the commitment to change and then BELIEVE you can do it! 

Why YOU?

When there is a sudden change in cabin pressure during an airline flight and the oxygen mask drops down, what are you supposed to do?

You put the mask on yourself, FIRST!

This may go against everything you think or believe, but if you are not healthy, you lose your effectiveness with your children, your spouse, your work, and even yourself.

This program is about taking care of yourself, so you can take control and make a difference in the lives of everyone around you. When you make positive changes in your life, your children will learn from your healthy choices.

Start today by choosing to be healthy and taking control of your life. 

Are You Ready?

So many of us invest years of our lives learning how to be something: a doctor, artist, teacher, nurse, business executive, electrician, or any other career that you wanted to pursue.

But we spend almost no time learning HOW to be the best something we can!

How much time do we actually spend developing our inner being or searching out how to be optimally healthy!?!?

Feeling our best is essential for success, productivity, creativity, innovation, relationship success, health, and almost everything else in life!

We usually wait for a life crisis or tragedy that forces us to look at what is really important.

Is this really the best approach for change and growth?

Patients tell me all the time when they come to see me that "I am their last resort" or the ones who aren't' that bad off " tell me they aren't sick enough for needing help from me yet."

I don't know which is worse...

Waiting till you are so overweight and miserable that it is affecting your health and you decide to finally do something about it or that some people are willing to wait till it gets that bad to do something about it!

Either way we need an approach to making the best healthy decisions.

NOW The best approach is a proactive approach to hardwire our brains with focus, awareness, repetition, and celebration. 

  • Isn't it time to be a fabulous celebration of your changed life! 
  • Not to mention, sharing it with others on a similar journey! 
  • Practicing the daily exercises can change the way your brain is wired. 
  • Imagine how different you, your life, your brain-and more importantly­ YOUR HEART will be when you have completed this 8 Week Weight Loss Program! 

    When You Change Your Mind,

    You Change Your Life!

    This program is different from any other weight loss and wellness program you have ever experienced in the past.

    So how do we get started?

    First, we have to ask, "Are you ready?"

    Well, if you are hearing this, you are at least considering some changes in your life.

    This is the first step. Our program starts with a 3-Phase approach, which is based on the paradigm of the stages of change. 

    Stage 1 - Pre-contemplation: you are unaware you have a problem or issue, in denial, or just not in tune with your body or health.

    Stage 2 - Contemplation: you are aware of the problem and desire a behavior change. Maybe you don't feel well. Need to lose weight?

    Stage 3 - Preparation: you intend to take action.

    Stage 4 - Action: you begin "practicing" the desired behavior. Stage 5 - Maintenance: you work to sustain the behavior change. 

    Phase 1 Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, and Preparation Phase 

    Pre-contemplation is the stage at which there is no intention to change behavior in the foreseeable future.

    Many individuals in this stage are unaware or under-aware of their problems. If you are reading this book, you want something different.

    You are AWARE! And this means, you have taken the first step. If you have some vague intention to change, then you are moving into the next stage.

    Contemplation is the stage in which people are aware that a problem exists and are seriously thinking about overcoming it, but have not yet made a commitment to take action.

    You may be here. You know that you are stressed out, overworked, burned out, and are AWARE that a problem exists.

    We teach our patients that their health problems often have to get so great (this is often referred to as "rock-bottom") before they are ready to consider taking action. They stay in survival mode, not thriving mode, and keep doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

    Preparation is a stage that combines intention and behavioral criteria.

    Individuals in this stage are intending to take action in the next month and have unsuccessfully taken action in the past year.

    Maybe you have been looking at different options.

    Maybe you have even tried a few things that didn't work.

    You get scared. You go back to what you know. And this keeps you stuck. It always keeps you stuck. You have to release the fear and move into the action phase.

    Action phase is very important, and it is more important to have a game plan and a proven system in which to place your confidence. If what you have done in the past doesn't work, don't keep doing it.

    If parts of it worked, learn from that experience, take those parts, and do the work to find the path that works. Find a mentor and ask the right questions.

    If you have done weight loss systems or joined gyms, they have probably been frustrating without a proven protocol or system that gives proven results.

    But you may have succeeded in some areas that you may not have recognized. This is important. I tell my patients, "It was not one thing that caused you to be overweight; it was lots of things," so you can't just do one thing and expect sustainable results.

    You must have a systematic approach that addresses all the underlying issues.

    That is what our system provides. It provides a system that, when utilized and implemented, addresses all the shortcomings and frustrations that you have met and brings you full circle, so you can maximize the best of everything you have learned so far.

    During this Action phase, we ask that you start changing your thoughts and your behaviors. We are working toward sustainable results, and the preparation stage is very important. Assessing your life, your behaviors, what is in your food pantry, and what your barriers may be is very important.

    Remember, this is a "marathon" for life and NOT a "sprint."

    If you take these changes slowly, they will be more sustainable.

    During this phase, we ask that you start weaning off sodas, coffee, and sugary foods. We want you to start reading labels and become aware of what you are eating every day. 

    Food, Wonderful Food!

    The food you put in your body is the most important aspect of weight loss or health.

    It doesn't matter, just how much you eat but WHAT you eat and the quality of what you eat Gluten {protein in wheat) and dairy are major inflammatory food triggers, and we ask that you begin cutting them out.

    These are the only dietary restrictions that we ask you to start with. 

    8 Most Common Inflammatory Foods:

    These are the most common food sensitivities that we recommend you avoid while doing your 8 Week QuickStart plan. 

    Peanuts, Soy Beans, Wheat/Gluten, Tomatoes, Eggs, Dairy, Sugar, and Shellfish are the "Big Eight" of inflammatory causing foods. Corn and artificial sweeteners can also be problematic.

    Phase 2

    Specific eating plan - see the Quick Start Eating Plan (in your downloads tab) and Begin Quick Start exercise routine:

    Action is the stage in which individuals modify their behavior, experiences, or environment in order to overcome their problems.

    Action involves the most overt behavioral changes and requires considerable commitment of time and energy.

    Embarking on this stage of the journey is the most overwhelming.It is when you are most likely to fall back into old patterns.

    You must have a system that is reproducible, and INDIVIDUALIZED, because we are all different and have different engrained, old un-healthy patterns and levels of "disease" in our psyche and physical bodies.

    We must first address where we fall short, what has worked in the past, and grow from all our experiences. We are all different with different needs, but the same basic principles apply. 

    Phase 3

    Lifestyle Modifications to Solidify Your Commitment to Sustainable Health and Fitness: This is considered your Maintenance phase. This time reinforces behaviors. We encourage education and empowerment through homework assignments and curriculum.

    Maintenance is the stage in which people work to prevent relapse and consolidate the gains attained during action.

    For addictive behaviors, this stage extends from six months to an indeterminate period past the initial action.

    This is the phase that, once you start to build confidence, is vital to the long-term sustainable success that you seek.

    Working with a mentor or coach is so valuable during this phase, because it allows you to make some mistakes while not sabotaging the long-term results by having someone that has been on that journey.

    They can reinforce that it is okay to make mistakes, and you just keep going.

    There will be mistakes.

    You will mess up.

    What you do with that decides your fate. You can fall into the "why me?" or victimized role, or you can decide to make a different choice and move forward. Patients struggle the most in this phase.

    It is also during this phase when you may plateau with weight loss goals and start to feel frustrated.

    You may blame others and start to look for fault with the program you are on.

    You may start to look for something outside yourself that is keeping you from your goals. You may want to stop your forward progress.

    You may just give up hope, like you have done in the past.

    Although you may see some results, you may really struggle when the "stress" sets in and relapses often occur.

    Having a coach or mentor can really solidify your resolve.

     Whatever choices you make, find a coach to keep you on track.

    It is so hard for high-functioning people to ASK FOR HELP.

    I struggled with this for years. I thought I had to do it all by myself. It seemed like a sign of weakness to ask for help. I even found myself doing other's work, because it just seemed easier to do it than to ask them.

    Training is very important as well.

    Training is not the same as asking.

    Training requires work, and it requires, most importantly, reinforcement.You must follow up and make sure that the program is first and foremost understood, but then implemented and sustained. 


    As you make the decision to change your life, you might meet frustration and self-sabotaging behavior.

    Expect this!

    And ask for help!

    Every day, I get to do this, and I feel so blessed and finally at peace that I am changing lives and doing the good that I always felt divinely compelled to do.

    Are you ready to change your life?

    Change can be scary, but the results can be so rewarding.

    Keep your eye on the goal. 

    This course will help you establish the following: 

    • A realistic goal weight with a specific plan for rate of weight loss and time frame for achieving goal weight. A new mindset about weight loss, help you discover where your motivation comes from and how to maintain it and how to manage a busy schedule will making time for optimal weight and health. 
    • A realistic goal for the frequency, duration, and intensity of exercise that will enable the learner to achieve and maintain the goal weight. 
    • A specific set of strategies for grocery shopping, eating in restaurants, eating at social occasions, and dealing with hunger and emotional eating. 
    •  A plan for monitoring food intake, exercise and weight loss.
    • A plan for continued evaluation of progress to goals and strategies for adjusting goals for continued weight loss for the next 6 months or longer. 
    • A thorough understanding of the difficulty of maintaining weight loss and a plan for maximizing the chances of keeping off the weight lost. 
    • Provide customizable Meal Plans and Exercise Options with videos and tutorials. 
    • Find the best fit for your life to create a sustainable lifestyle of the strategies that you learn in this program. 

    Week 1

    We will get you started on designing your personal weight loss plan! We will provide you with QUICKSTART solutions and we begin this first week by setting a personal goal weight that is realistic for you and making a plan for exercise. You probably expected that we would start out with and food and energy expenditure (calories in and calories out) - but these two topics are actually the right place to start! 

    We will help you:

    • Determine Your Goal Weight 
    • How and When to Weigh Yourself 
    • Making a Plan For Exercise
    • Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals 
    • Start a Meal Plan With Delicious and Easy Recipes, Shopping Lists and More!
    • Start an Exercise Plan With Journals, Videos, and Inspiration and Much More! 

    Week 2

    In week 2 we will fill focus on helping you with the reprogramming of your mind about weight loss beliefs and how to begin resetting your mindset for lasting change, giving up perfection and working towards progress that will yield realistic results and optimal health. 

    Week 3

    Is it OK to eat out in restaurants when you are trying to lose weight? How can you manage your calorie and food group intake in your workplace cafeteria? What strategies are most likely to increase your ability to lose weight and keep it off? The truth about dieting and understanding the mistakes that some people make when trying to lose weight. We will also outline strategies for eating out and Identifying Support and implementing Self-Monitoring. 

    Week 4

    This week we will learn about the "triggers" that can get you off track when you start your weight loss program and we will develop strategies to deal with these. We will also take some time to review all the goals you have set for yourself so far and make any needed revisions. We will also look at the best way (and time) to eat certain foods like carbs, fats, and proteins. 

    Week 5

    Healthy living doesn't have to be difficult with our specific strategies on cooking, shopping and understanding the science of weight gain and loss to empower you in your choices. Our focus this week will be on helping you to stay on track and avoid going back to old eating habits as you lose weight. We will also consider why it is so hard to keep weight off once you lose it and some strategies you can use to increase your success. 

    Week 6

    Ways to approach your new paradigm, that healthy eating doesn't have to be more expensive or take more time, plans for eating out, ways to save money while eating out and controlled cheating strategies.

    Week 7

    The science of getting fit and understanding simple biology is your tool to success as well as specific plans to implement to work with your body to lose weight and feel great! 

    Week 8

    Why losing weight can be easy once you understand the science and why you may not be losing weight or why plateaus happen and what to do about them.

    How to stay on track and keep the weight off once you lose it!

    Our Deep dive modules really help teach you strategies and give you specific plans for your weight loss and wellness journey.

    Nutrition Module

    So many things in our environment can sabotage our efforts to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight, you will find this module full of information that they may never have taught you in health and nutrition class in school. How to eat to lose eight, common problems with starting a new diet and details about nutrient densities of foods, meal prep and timing and more! 

    Workout Module

    Creating an effective workout plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle is one of the most important parts of this journey. If you don't love your workout you may force yourself to do it for a little while but it's just simply not sustainable.

    Creating your exercise goals is the first step to understanding the concept of realistic and attainable and working towards those smaller wins and keeping your eye on the prize.

    Success is in the process, progress not perfection and making sweeping statements or grand goals of unrealistic outcomes is a recipe for self-sabotage and disaster.

    This module is chock full of fun and easy exercises, at home workout videos strategies for creating your best most effective workout plan.  

    Physical Activity Module

    Exercise strategies that work with the science of your biology will maximize your results, you will learn about intermittent exercise techniques that will have you creating a plan of fitness, that may take less than 15 min a week if done right!

    Principles of muscle building and strength training with specific targeted exercises are something else you will love about this module! 

    Lifestyle Module

    It all starts with a paradigm shift! If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got! --Or if always eat what you always ate, you will always weigh what what always weighed.

    Learn ways to change your mindset and change your world, this reaches far beyond weight loss and into all aspects of your life ... The Winner Mindset.

    The struggle is real, but most of the battle is fought between your ears! Goal setting and changing habits while dealing with stress is the focus of this module. 

    Emotional Health/Habits/Stress and self-monitoring Module

    Here, you'll find information on sleep, stress, emotional eating strategies, food triggers and how to deal with relapse.

    Health Module

    How to assess your overall health, lab tests you might consider asking your doctor for, and multiple health trackers.