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2024 BELLY BURNER Bundle

2024 BELLY BURNER Bundle

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Introducing the 2024 Belly Burner Bundle – Your Ultimate Companion for a Healthier You!


What's Inside the Bundle?

  • CarbMelt: Say goodbye to carb worries! Our all-natural carb controller not only blocks carbs but also curbs those cravings. Plus, it's a champ at balancing insulin, the hormone responsible for storing sugar as fat.
  • BellyMelt: Target that stubborn belly fat with our specialized fat burner. It zeroes in on hormones like cortisol that are the culprits behind belly fat.
  • Advanced Body Composition Scale: This isn't just any scale. It's a smart way to track 13 essential body metrics, including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, and even metabolic age! Sync it with your phone for a seamless health tracking experience.

Step Up Your Health Game With This Analyzer Scale 

  • Accurate & Insightful: With high precision sensors and a self-illuminated LED display, get accurate readings every time. The rounded corner design adds safety and style.
  • Tech-Savvy Tracking: Compatible with iOS and Android, this scale syncs with popular health apps. Monitor your progress, share results, and celebrate your journey with friends and family.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to set up, easy to use. Step on, and let the scale do the rest. Your health data, beautifully organized and always at your fingertips.

The Deal of a Lifetime! Here's where it gets even better. CarbMelt Carb Control (Value $87), and BellyMelt Fat Burner, (Value $84), along with our advanced body composition analyzer (Value $119), are all yours in this special bundle for just $97!
Yes, you read that right – almost a $300 value... all of this for only $97!


Why You Can't Miss This

  • Comprehensive Health Management: From diet control to body composition, this bundle covers all bases.
  • Value for Money: An unbeatable offer that brings you the best in health and wellness technology at a fraction of the cost.
  • Empower Your Journey: Whether you're starting fresh or continuing your health journey, this bundle is your perfect partner.

Grab Yours Now! This is more than a purchase; it's an investment in your health. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your wellness journey. The 2024 Get Fit Bundle – where health meets happiness!

CarbMelt Carb Controller

  • Helps With Carb Cravings
  • Helps With Energy
  • Helps to Balance Hormones
  • Neutralizes Carbs
  • Supports Metabolism

    Maximum Strength Carb Blocker 

    has been specifically designed for those who eat pasta, bread, and other carbohydrate-packed foods. The triple-approach formula works to:

    • Neutralize Starch Enzymes: White Kidney Bean is a plant-derived non-stimulant ingredient that neutralizes the negative effects of carbohydrates by inhibiting a portion of the body's amylase, the enzyme responsible for digesting starch. This powerful plant extract works to decrease the number of starch- carbohydrate calories digested by the body..
    • Support Metabolism: Insulin and cortisol are the major hormones of metabolism and fat storing and fat burning.  

    When combined with a healthy low calorie diet and exercise plant, Maximum Strength  CarbMelt provides a targeted approach to help you achieve your weight loss goals.


    BellyMelt Fat Burner

    Maximum Strength Fat Burner

    Specifically designed for those who have struggled with belly fat and feel like they have tried everything to lose that stubborn weight. The triple-approach formula works to: 

    • Decrease the Absorption of Dietary Fat
    • Natural Licorice Root to Stimulate the Fat Burning Process.
    • Increase Energy Naturally 

      BellyMelt is unique formula that targets several key areas of weight management, including appetite control, lipolysis (breakdown of fat stores), thermogenesis, and resting energy expenditure in a small, daily dose. 





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