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Regina Lost 28 Pounds!

Regina Lost 28 Pounds With CarbMelt

“I’m so happy I decided to make this investment in myself! I’ve lost 28 lbs. I look and feel better than I ever have. People tease me and call me the Energizer Bunny these days. One of the greatest benefits is the boost to my self confidence. All of my dealings with people throughout the day have just improved. I’m getting more done and I even have time for myself! As for exercising, I am more active, but nothing intense. I am watching what I eat more closely, but that’s just the right thing to do. The changes are just so exciting! CarbMelt has helped me get to a place that feels wonderful. The energy CarbMelt gives me to take on the day is really nice and I just feel lighter. It’s like I’m a whole new me. My husband loves the change, too!”

- Regina R.


Emilea Lost 56 Pounds!

Emilea lost 56 pounds with CarbMelt

“I had a picture of my daughter at one of her softball tournaments and I’m hiding behind her. That sucks, but that picture is probably, looking at it, someone I never want to be again because I was unhappy. Then I started the CarbMelt and the BellyMelt and that kickstarted this whole process. It just kept going and going, the weight loss. I’m just a couple of months into this and I’m still losing weight. The weight is still coming off. I’m seeing definition. I discovered muscles in my arms I didn’t know existed! When I started all this back in July, I had gotten sick with bronchitis and gone to my doctor’s office and they got my weight at that appointment. That was 231. That is the heaviest I’ve ever been on a scale. Now I’m at 175. When the scale hit 175, I was beyond stoked! I have not been there in a while. Before all this, I had to buy a size 16 pants. That was mortifying. Right now, I’m wearing 8s! It’s been a huge change. I pretty much always cancel every plan I ever make, because I don’t want to go do anything, but now, I haven’t been cancelling things lately. I’ve been doing stuff. I’ve been going and doing things lately. It’s strange, because I haven’t been used to doing things and I’m so much happier!”

- Emilea

Stefanie Lost 30 Pounds!

Stefanie lost 30 pounds using CarbMeltI mostly started having weight problems when I started taking meds for a health issue I was diagnosed with in 1995. I started medications that caused my weight to skyrocket. I have always been a skinny person up until that point. My mom and brother had always struggled with being overweight, but I never had until I started taking those medications. My doctor (Dr. Tammy) had a product she had developed called CarbMelt and BellyMelt that I tried and I lost my first 30 pounds on it. It was great!! I don’t even exercise all that much beyond running around the Pharmacy all day. CarbMelt has been amazing!”

-Stefanie R.


Raychel Lost 10 Pounds!

Raychel lost 10 pounds using CarbMelt

“I loved the energy it gave me! I needed the help. I work a full time job, my son is in 2 different sports, I have 2 very needy dogs, a husband and a lizard! CarbMelt helped with the energy but also curbed my appetite so I didn’t stress eat or make bad food choices. When I did eat, I wasn’t near as hungry as I normally am, so portion control was no longer an issue.”

- Raychel D.


Kristy Lost 100 Pounds!

Kristy Lost 100 Pounds using CarbMelt and low impact Exercise

“100 pounds!!!!

If you know me at all, you know I've been working on getting healthy again since October 2020. As of yesterday morning, I have lost exactly 100 pounds. 100 pounds, y'all!!! I will admit that I cried a bit when I saw the scale. Still trying to wrap my head around the idea that I have lost the equivalent of an entire person. Has it been a lot of work? Yes. Is it totally worth it? Most definitely yes!!! If I went back to last October, would I still do it? Yes! And you can do it too! It takes discipline which is what actually keeps most of us from attaining our goals. It's a mindset of never giving up, never giving in, and never doubting that you are making the right decisions for your future self. How did I do it? Diet changes - low to no carbs, lots of lean protein and vegetables. Absolutely no junk food. Exercise - cardio, strength training, just move!! And I absolutely love CarbMelt and BellyMelt! CarbMelt got rid of all of my carb and sugar cravings. BellyMelt, formerly named LipoMelt, is a cortisol reducer which helps with belly fat (stress belly). I work in healthcare so you know stress is an issue. I took both for a few months. Even when I stopped, the cravings didn't return. I'm going to start taking both again to help shed the last 30 pounds.”

-Kristy T.

Jessica Lost 28 Pounds!

“I had a getaway to a beach planned with my office team members. The thought of a sunny bathing suit on a winter desk time body just didn’t seem right. With CarbMelt and BellyMelt I was able to drop 28 pounds in 3 months.”

-Jessica H.