Suzanne Somers And An Incredible Secret!

How what I learned from Suzanne Somers could change your life and help you lose a pants size in 30 days

Hi, I'm Dr. Tammy. I've been treating patients for over 20 years for hormone issues, weight loss and metabolic imbalances. I am a board certified family medicine doctor that specializes in hormones and functional medicine,  and I am passionate about helping patients in a way that is based upon a "wellness model" and not "focused on disease." In November of 2013 I met Suzanne Somers at a functional medicine conference in Las Vegas, NV, where thousands of the world's preeminent physicians and researchers in aging intervention convene to showcase advanced anti-aging and regenerative biomedical technologies from around the globe.

They are doctors just like me who are more interested in the root cause of disease, aging and metabolic dysfunction than just covering up symptoms with band-aids.

It was an incredible opportunity to meet her and get to spend a little time with her and really feel the energy of who she is and the part she has played in helping women understanding that aging is inevitable but looking older and feeling older is a choice. And that's what I want to share with you, that I have learned from her. At 75 years old she looks amazing and exudes an energy that many 20 year olds do not possess.

"I am in control of how I age, and I am in control of my health." - Suzanne Somers 

And I know this to be true in my many years of medical practice but to see her really changing the face of aging and taking back our power as women in our health and wellbeing especially when we are used to sacrificing and putting everyone else first, really spoke to me.

She fights the good fight, but unfortunately passed away recently.  She wasn't a doctor but she was a voice, and advocate that represents all women who have ever struggled or begged for answers about health, happiness, and hormones.

Being slim and sexy is a side effect of perfect health and if you are a women over 30 that has given up on being heathy and getting a sexy body back, there are answers and you can change your life by changing your hormones and change your metabolism by changing your hormones.

When I learned how to help myself, I knew that I could transform the lives of thousands of patients, too.  At 55 years old, I feel better than I did at 20 and I want to share all my secrets with you.

Doctor Tammy Tucker Before and After

If you feel like you just can't seem to budge the scale, hopeless and feel like you are constantly on a diet, I want to share the secret of how to reset your hormones and take your power back. 

When your metabolism is balanced, you can say goodbye to carb cravings and sugar crashes, and help prevent issues like insulin resistance or diabetes. In fact it is estimated that 1/3 of Americans have mild to moderate insulin resistance which can lead to many other health issues from obesity to vascular disease of the heart, extremities and brain and all the effects of aging when the body starts falling more apart than together.
I have seen all of these complications in my practice for over 20 plus years. They all end the same, and I want to help as many people as I can avoid them and have a healthier more productive and gratifying life... and did I mention regain their health and feel sexy and confident again.

If it sounds like I am talking right to you... Well I am. And if it feels like you have really been struggling and nothing seems to work or help...

That tells me one thing! ITS YOUR HORMONES!

Hormones are messengers that tell every process in the body what to do including the metabolism and HOW to do it. If you want to start feeling better, healthier, slimmer and sexier with a better metabolism. Then what I'm about to tell you may be one the most important things you will ever hear. 
The secret is that there are:
Yes, it’s really that simple and once you know that you can get about the business of minimizing the storing ones and maximizing the burning ones.

This secret will allow you to:

  • Increase Fat Burning
  • Decrease Hunger
  • Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
  • Decrease Belly Fat and Shed Pounds


Did you know that the areas where your body stores weight dictate both the actions you need to take and the strategies you should employ to effectively shed those extra pounds?

If not, don’t worry, I didn’t know these secrets either until I worked with patients over the years who struggled and I saw patterns arise with their inability to lose weight as I studied their health issues and lab correlations. 


I too struggled with these issues, and honestly it was my mission to figure it out for myself, and because I like things to be as easy as possible...without struggling and without SUFFERING.  Who doesn’t want that right?!?

So, the journey began to discover the secret keys and unlock the metabolism long ago for me. I am 55 now and I understand what women like us struggle with. 

In out late teens, we were immortal. We could party like rock stars eat total garbage and if we wanted to lose a few pounds we just got more active or ate a little less. Calories-in-Calories out, right?!?

But something changes for most women at about the age of 30. The metabolism starts to really change and at the root of all of it...

Usually, our 30’s gives us our first clue...a bit of spare tire around the waist, maybe a muffin top…the feeling of what I call "fluffy", maybe a bit worse with issues forming like back strain or knee pain. We looked in the mirror one day and realized we were starting to look like we were more like our moms than the teenage girls at the mall.

So, we go to the gym and that lasts for a little while, we try the latest and greatest diet, starve ourselves, burn out our adrenals with stimulants like coffee, monster drinks, diet pills or sugar and the real struggle is just ahead of us.

We Try To Fix It...

So, we go to the gym and that lasts for a little while, we try the latest and greatest diet, starve ourselves, burn out our adrenals with stimulants like coffee, monster drinks, diet pills or sugar and the real struggle is just ahead of us.

We get into our 40’s and now, all heck is breaking loose. Kids growing up, possible divorce, career change, financial issues, life stress… freaking life! 

Now what? This wasn’t supposed to be us. We never had to worry about our weight before.

Most of us let the spare tire grow into a full set. Now, the situation is pretty dire and this time we think something more drastic is in order…it’s time for our first ‘BIG’ diet shift. 


Usually this first diet involves eliminating an entire food group (like fat or carbs) or drastically cutting our calories, putting our bodies into starvation mode. Sometimes we’ll really get crazy and get back in the gym to add tons of cardio. Maybe we’ll even buy a bicycle that goes nowhere that you ride till your legs are like noodles, or you go to a class and give up because you just can't keep up.

It's A Trap!

A HUGE mistake because this time, when you quit, and you will, the weight will come back even stronger, harder, faster, more! It’s your metabolism and your hormones trying desperately to get your attention.

If you can relate, allow me to make a suggestion- turn off all the noise and focus on the cause…your metabolism and hormones. 
Is it possible to turn back the clock? 
Food for thought- maybe all the science that says our metabolism at 50 or 60 is markedly lower than when we 20 because it’s just natural, it just happens…maybe, maybe those studies and science were done on people like me, ones who abused the heck out of their metabolism, hormones and adrenals when we were 20. What would that do to the results of those studies?
The solution is to focus on the cause, not the symptoms. The fat gain is just the symptom. Your metabolism and hormones are the cause.
There is all kinds of information out there about using food to support your metabolism and your hormones and I encourage you to get some education. 
You absolutely CAN have the metabolism and hormonal balance you had in your 20’s. And you can do it without ANY prescription drugs, killing yourself at the gym or starving.
I will share with the secret to up regulate your metabolism, in turn it will power up your hormones and the fat will come off, permanently
That's why I committed my medical career to helping myself find the answers and to help patients.  Cracking the code to how the metabolism works is simple science. And the good news is you don't need a medial degree to do this.
And having a medial degree doesn't mean that doctor's even know how to manage or help patients with their struggle to lose weight.
Doctors often just tell you to "lose weight" but not give you any direction except for maybe get out the prescription pad and write for a possibly dangerous diet drug. 

Many doctors send their patients to me because they don't have time to do really evaluate and find the answers that are needed to solve this complex issue of hormone imbalance related weight complications.  Often patients ask them if it is possibly their hormones they will actually tell them it's not. This is so sad because every doctor should remember from Biology 101 in college that hormones are messengers that control every process in the human body so how could the not possibly play into weight and metabolism????