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CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore

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CarbMelt Collagen Restore contains collagen peptides to support healthy skin, bones, and joints.
CarbMelt Collagen Restore contains Fortigel®, Fortibone®, Tendoforte®, and Verisol® collagen peptides to promote vibrant skin and nails while also supporting healthy joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. Fortigel® promotes joint health. Fortibone® promotes bone health. Tendoforte® promotes healthy ligaments and tendons. Verisol® supports skin and nail health.

This concentrated dietary source of collagen is an excellent choice to support high protein intake with a host of health benefits including:

Support for healthy skin appearance
Promotes healthy nails
Support for healthy joints
Promotes healthy bones
Support for healthy ligaments and tendons
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
    CarbMelt® Health & Wellness - Collagen Restore
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    Frequently Asked Questions

     Q.  I need to lose more than 50 pounds. Will this work for me?

         A.  This is an all natural supplement that is intended to help with weight loss (of that difficult to budge) 5-10 pounds or 50 pounds or more. Unlike some prescription weight loss meds, CarbMelt is safe to take indefinitely. Q. If I stop taking CarbMelt, will I gain the weight back? A.Unless your habits are extremely unhealthy, the ingredients in CarbMelt will help your hormones reset as you learn new eating and activity patterns.

    Q. I'm not as young as I used to be. Will I still be able to take this?     A.  Sure! This supplement is designed for all ages and both men and women.Q.  Do I need to exercise?A.  When you get the energy you need to increase your activity, level through your hormone balance, you will want to be more energetic and active. We have specific time saving activities that will work with your hormones, that you can access in our membership program. We will teach you how to work out in less than 4 minutes a day and tone muscle as you lose fat! But often people still report losing weight without exercise. You see when your hormones are balanced, weight loss is a side effect of that balance. If you have a lot to lose, however, you will probably need to modify your current strategies and activities.Q.  How is CarbMelt different?A.   CarbMelt is a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that lowers the resistance to the way your body absorbs and utilizes carbohydrates in the fat storage process. There is nothing else like it on the market that targets the hormones that cause weight gain, related to Hormone Resistant Weight gain issues.Q.   Do I need to change my diet?A.  Of course you will want to pursue a lifetime of health and wellness and feel more vibrant with foods that fuel your body instead of deplete it of energy like white flour and refined sugar. So, you will want to decrease the carbohydrates in your diet and start learning new healthier eating habits. However, for CarbMelt to start helping your body burn calories smarter and more efficiently by reducing the resistance to how your body stores fat, you won’t have to make huge changes to see results quickly.Q.  How soon will I see results?A.  You will begin seeing various types of results from your first day. You might have more energy, more alertness and desire for increased activity, decreased appetite, and sleep better after that first few doses. Within a week, you should feel like your clothes are fitting better. The scale doesn’t always reflect a lot of change because the hormones are helping your body convert fat to muscle which is heavier. You want more muscle so that can actually be a good thing in the beginning.Q.  I have heart problems. Can I still take this?A.  ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting any supplements, diet changes, weight loss or exercise programs. The ingredients in CarbMelt have been researched and shown to help with diabetes and other conditions as well as lead to secondary benefits like weight loss, which can lead to lower blood pressure and improve many other health problems related to being overweight. Always consult with all doctors and specialists before beginning any supplements for possible contraindications.Q.  Why can't I just go out on the internet and find the ingredients in CarbMelt cheaper?A.   The plain truth is that there is no one who has put these specific combinations of ingredients together in these dosages and combinations. Dr. Tammy has spent over 30 years and seen over 30,000 patients that she has helped with hormone imbalance issues, through the aid of these supplements that have continuously had great results in her wellness programs. There is nothing else like it on the market and if you did find the ingredients and added them all up separately it would be difficult to beat the price and the convenience of having them all in one capsule.Q.  Do I have to change my diet to get results?A.   Like I shared earlier, there shouldn't be any drastic changing of your diet (unless you currently eat doughnuts and chicken nuggets for breakfast). But you should drink adequate water, eat your greens, fruit, and protein, and you'll want to cut back on alcohol, sweets, and junk food.Q. I have diabetes can I take this?A.  Alwayscheck with your doctor first but, the alpha-amylase inhibitors (carb blockers) in CarbMelt may help with insulin resistance or pre-diabetes as much as some prescription meds. It is not a replacement for prescription meds and may lower blood sugar more (or lower blood sugar too much with possible interactions) if taking prescription meds, so always ask your health care provider first before taking CarbMelt or any other supplement.     Please feel free to email us atinfo@CarbMelt.comTo ask questions that we may add to the FAQ for others who want to share in your success.





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    “I’m so happy I decided to make this investment in myself! I’ve lost 28 lbs. I look and feel better than I ever have. People tease me and call me the Energizer Bunny these days. One of the greatest benefits is the boost to my self confidence.

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    My mom and brother had always struggled with being overweight, but I never had until I started taking those medications. My doctor (Dr. Tammy) had a product she had developed called CarbMelt and BellyMelt that I tried and I lost my first 30 pounds on it. It was great!! I

    Stefanie R.

    "Thanks to, I can satisfy my cravings guilt-free. Their commitment to taste and quality is unmatched. A must-visit for low-carb enthusiasts!"


    “I loved the energy it gave me! I needed the help. I work a full time job, my son is in 2 different sports, I have 2 very needy dogs, a husband and a lizard! CarbMelt helped with the energy but also curbed my appetite so I didn’t stress eat or make bad food choices. When I did eat, I wasn’t near as hungry as I normally am, so portion control was no longer an issue.”


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