Did You Know This One Thing Can Make You Look Years Younger?

Did You Know This One Thing Can Make You Look Years Younger?

What do young people have that older people don’t?  

The whites of their eyes are VERY WHITE!  It’s a subtle thing that you might notice or at least think you notice, but in a survey done of features that most attract the opposite sex eyes usually comes up top of the list.  

We might not even think about it but the eyes are really the window to the soul and you can tell a lot about a person’s eyes.

Good health is one of them as the eyes can be a big tell for lots of different diseases.  Good health not only indicates a good partner but also can make you look younger.  The longer we are on this planet exposed to toxins, our livers which is the organ that is mostly responsible for clearing toxins, get overloaded and bombarded from everything from alcohol to toxins in our food.  Stress, allergies, diabetes, high blood pressure can all make the eyes look yellowed (usually from jaundice) or bloodshot or just plain tired. 

So what do celebrities do to keep their eyes so white?  And how can you get whiter brighter eyes, to make you look years younger? 

Well first and foremost focus on your health!  The liver is one of the most important organs to clear toxins and supplements can really help support the liver methylation and detoxification pathways.

If you have one of the following eye changes: Check with your doctor



You can detect many diseases in the eyes from liver issues and diabetes to even Alzheimer’s can be hinted at by the eyes.

If everything checks out with your overall eye and body health, here are a few things you can do to make your eyes appear whiter and younger! 

1. Eye Drops: 

Whitening eye drops, allergy drops or redness reducing eye drops.  Be cautious about every day use as this may be masking an underlying issue that needs addressed. 

2. Brighten Under-Eye Areas:

Dark under-eye circles only emphasize dull eyes. The solution? Diffuse darkness and brighten up the areas around your eyes to create the illusion of whiter eyes.

White eyeliner can help on the lower lids.


3. Used Colored Eyeliner:

Instead of using basic black eyeliner, try a bluer hue instead. A swipe of navy blue liner will make the whites of your eyes pop.


4. Use and Eyelash Curler:

Keep 'em curled! Plus, skip dark mascara colors on the lower lid to maintain lifted, wide-open eyes. If you must mascara your lower lashes, choose a softer color, like brown. Or continuing using the color blue to brighten the eyes.

5. Avoid Irritants:

Stop drinking, smoking and staying up so late.

A healthy liver is one of the best ways to keep your body processing toxins better and will not only make your eyes whiter and healthier but your whole body, more vibrant and youthful!

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