Trick Your Brain Thin

Trick Your Brain Thin

👉🏻Trick Your brain thin!

Have you resolved to drop a few pounds in 2023?
If so, you’re definitely not alone. And from both a health and confidence perspective, it’s a very worthy goal!
But the unfortunate reality is — and I’m sure you’ve heard this — most people won’t meet their goals this year.
I’m going to explain why in a moment...
But I’m also going to give you a very simple piece of advice I share with many of my patients... to ensure you can meet your resolution easily.
Seriously… this tip is so simple, many people don’t believe me (until they try it)!
It’s all about TRICKING YOUR BRAIN into thinking you’re already shedding pounds.
Let me explain:
You see, nothing is more motivating than actually seeing results.
Visible results make your brain’s reward system kick in and shout, “IT’S WORKING — KEEP GOING!”
But it can take a while to actually lose enough weight to see the effect in the mirror.
That’s part of why people give up so easily. When you’re working your hardest and not noticing any payoff… that extra cookie starts seeming like it couldn’t really hurt, right?
And then one cookie turns into two… turns into a cheat day… a cheat week… and so on.  But what if you could look in the mirror and see results right now, even if you haven’t dropped a pound yet?
You’d be automatically motivated to keep going strong…
And you’d become one of the few people to keep your resolution — and hit your goals!
So, how do you do it?
it’s so easy, you’re going to be shocked!!!
I love this technique because it takes almost no time or effort, and the “results” are almost immediate…
So you can get on the path to a slimmer-looking you right now — and a truly slimmer you soon to follow!
The trick to get started is make your face look thinner in the mirror.
Now  more than ever our faces are front and center – and in multiple places at once. Your face doesn’t just appear in front of whoever you’re with; your face is on websites, blogs, dating apps, social network profiles, and rows and rows of Instagram photos. And although you can point the camera downward, so your selfie makes you look slimmer, you can’t do that in real life. If you want your visage to appear more slender, you’ve got to work for it.
While there’s no specific diet or clinically proven regimen that sheds only facial weight, there are some general measures you can take to make your face appear more slim.
Here are some ways to make your face look thinner:
Avoid Foods That Make You Swell
Altering your food choices can make a considerable difference. For starters, cut down on the amount of salt in your diet. Too much salt causes the body to retain fluid, which may contribute to facial puffiness. The same holds true for refined sugar, which is often found in carbohydrate-laden junk food. Eating a well-balanced diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats will help your body get the nutrients it needs without the unwanted substances that can cause water retention or weight gain.
I recommend getting your food sensitivities checked, to identify foods that may be causing inflammation.
Get Your Beauty Sleep
It’s not just a fairytale – sleeping beauty is real. That’s probably why more and more experts are focusing on the importance of a good night’s rest, or more specifically, the consequences of not getting enough of it. The most visible indicator of sleep deprivation manifests in the form of dark circles, saggy skin, and puffy eyes. Go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, and ensure you get between seven to nine hours of shut-eye to keep puffiness at bay.
Drink LOTS of Water
Drinking lots of water helps flush out toxins and other unwanted substances (including the aforementioned salt) from your body. On the other hand, when the body gets dehydrated, it tends to store more water, which can lead to swelling in the face and joints.
The body’s fluid balance can also be disrupted by drinking too much alcohol.  Since alcohol consumption can make your liver and kidneys work harder, it can produce the side effect of water retention. You don’t necessarily have to give up alcohol completely, but you should eschew imbibing excessively if you want to avoid these types of unwelcome results.
Consider Your Medications
Is it a side effect of a medication? It’s been estimated that over 90% of the US population is on some sort of medication, even if it’s just over the counter.  1/5 of Americans are on five or more prescription drugs, so interactions can cause issues as well.
If you’re embracing a healthy lifestyle, but your face still isn’t as slender as you would like, you may want to check the medications you are taking. Drugs such as antibiotics, statins, steroids, sulfas, and beta blockers all list facial swelling as a possible side effect. Even aspirin, insulin, X-ray contrast dyes, and hair loss medication can produce similar adverse results. In addition, if you have an allergic reaction to any medication, a swollen face is a common symptom. Speak to your trustworthy medical professional if you think this might be the cause.
Finally, there are some tips and tricks you can use to help improve the general appearance of your face:
Maintain good posture. Letting your chin drop or slumping your shoulders both make your face look bigger, which can accentuate any excess facial weight.
Tweak your hairstyle. A bob or long layers combined with side bangs tend to elongate and slim the face. For men, a high top or extra wave can accomplish the same thing.
Try A Face Massage.
Gently massaging the skin on your face with your fingers can help improve circulation, eradicate wrinkles, and reduce puffiness.
If you smoke…quit. In addition to host of well-documented health problems, smoking can also cause parts of the face to sag, which can make it look bigger than it is.
With the exception of surgery and overall weight loss, there’s no instant way to radically change the weight around your face. But if you can identify the reasons why your face isn’t as slim as you want it to be, you can take the proper steps to remedy the problem. In doing so, you’ll ensure that you’ll always be mirror ready to trick yourself thin!

But in reality, it’s not a trick!  You are on your way to better health and I always say that being thin is a side effect of being healthy!  

Now, that’s a side effect we can get excited about! 


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